Molyvos Manor


With three thousand years of history under the foundations of the modern village, Molyvos combines layers of an intriguing and still tangible past with the charm of its pristinely maintained and lived present. Perched on a rocky hill on the North-Western part of the Island of Lesvos Molyvos, or - as the village was known in antiquity and the Middle Ages - Mythemna, has always maintained a close link with both the eastern and western worlds. With Asia just ten miles away, the inhabitants of the region opened themselves up to foreign influences and lifestyles from early on. Today, they still oblige the visitor by extending a warm welcome in their wonderful corner of the world.

In this environment, which in the past forty years has attracted poets and scholars from Irwin Leyton and Leonard Cohen to Peter Green, numerous Greek painters from Botsoglou to Charos, as well a myriads of tourists from all around the world, we invite you to take a relaxing vacation in a beautifully renovated early twentieth century house belonging to the Krallis family. Molyvos Manor was built in 1926 for Ioannes Krallis and Maritsa  Kalligeri to raise their family in. Renovated in the mid-eighties and then regularly updated ever since it became the Krallis family summer house for slightly less than a decade. From 1994 it has been a retreat and vacation home for numerous guests, who enjoy its beautiful and spacious interiors and most importantly the gorgeous view of its veranda and swimming pool patio. We invite you to navigate this site and take a tour of this very special place.


Welcome to a Unique Experience in Molyvos

A sunset like many in Molyvos, a fisherman setting out for an evening's work, your comfortable bed and spacious kitchen and a view into the open sea

*It should be noted that Molyvos has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site